Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dear Northeast Florida Missouri Alum,

As you may have heard, our Northeast Florida Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association is seeking to underscore our support of the University of Missouri, the students, and the Mizzou Alumni Association, through the establishment of an endowed scholarship in our chapter’s name. An endowed scholarship represents a perpetuating commitment to the University of Missouri. We have committed to establish our own Chapter Scholarship Fund to help students from NE Florida to attend Mizzou. As a member of the Southeast Conference in athletics, and with more students now being recruited from our area, we hope to encourage young men and women from here to consider all that the University of Missouri has to offer when looking at college options. That’s where we need everyone’s help.

At MU the minimum needed to establish and name an endowment, (a fund that perpetuates itself with interest earned each year that makes a yearly award), is $25,000. A few couples/individuals have already stepped forward to help to seed the endowment so that they can help our chapter get a good start. To date we have already raised over $15,000 toward our $25,000 goal. This is a collective project where all gifts and pledges are welcome, and any amount is appreciated.

As the NE FL Chapter President, are seeking to do is ask that as you plan your charitable donations for 2014 and 2015, you consider earmarking an amount for this cause. Your gift can be outright or be a pledge from 1 up to 5 years. Both credit card payments and checks are accepted, and I can help you with any questions which you may have.

Another thing to consider is there is a new, donor gift society at MU that recognizes those who make lead annual gifts. It is called the Columns Society. Lead Annual Donors will be recognized for gifts of $2,500 or more made in any given year, to any area of Mizzou. So if you already give to a school or college, all those will count toward your yearly donations.

For Instance:
• You could make an outright gift by check or credit card in any amount
• You could pledge $5,000 over 2 years = $2,500 per year, and you could be a Columns Society Member for two consecutive years.
• Or, if you have a philanthropic work match for educational gifts, you could pledge $1,250 and have the match count for the other $1,250.

We truly believe that people united in a collective purpose can affect a great change. This is a legacy other chapters around the country have undertaken and we are excited to be taking up the challenge. We know that a great many things vie for your support, but we ask you to help us make an impact in lives for years to come by participating.

If you have additional questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Tracy or myself. We are growing as a group and Jayson Meyer and the whole Mizzou Alumni Association are so very thankful for all that you give of your time already to proudly support the Tigers and the “Black & Gold” in Northeast Florida.

To view the current status of our fund-raising efforts, click here: https://donatetomu.missouri.edu/givedirect/GDItem.aspx?item_id=134

Mizzou started us on our life paths. Many of us met our spouses there, made our best friends there, and certainly the University of Missouri launched our careers. We join me in showing MU that Northeast Florida has many True Sons.

All our best ~ for Mizzou!

Matt Krueger
Northeast Florida MAA Chapter President
St. Johns, FL
E-mail: kmk695r@aol.com

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